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Bee & Wasp Control in Modesto Ca

We’ve all been stung by a wasp before and it’s not fun. While some wasps and bees around your home are to be expected during the warm and flowering seasons if you’re noticing an unusual amount, its time to call a professional.

Trying to treat these issues yourself can be very hard since their nests can be large and potentially dangerous if disturbed. We can help you with any bee/wasp/stinging insect problems you have and we can do it affordably. We’ll send a professional pest control tech out to your home to perform the inspection, locate where they’re nesting, and put measures in place to both remove them as well as keep them from coming back in the future. 

Additionally, we take pride in rescuing bees. We have a dwindling number of bees which we humans are very dependent on for our food supply. Without them, we have no pollination and therefore no food. 

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How Bees & Wasps Enter Your Home

Bees and wasps enter your home through small holes in the exterior. These are typically holes that are higher in your house and may have gone completely unnoticed by you until you noticed the bees swarming around the area.

Once you notice them swarming around the area, chances are that there’s already a substantial nest within the wall that needs to be handled appropriately.

It’s also important to seal up any holes and cracks as well as put a wire mesh over larger holes so that bees and wasps can’t enter.

Outdoor nests are easier to deal with and where you’ll find the bulk of these critters forming their nests. Wasps, in particular, like to build hanging nests in the corners of your roof overhangs. These nests can become large in size and you never want to try batting them down since you’ll immediately be met with a swarm of angry wasps. Instead, you can get a can of wasp spray to spray the nest from a distance and kill the wasps on contact. Once the wasps have been killed, you can remove the nests.

You can also hang traps around your yard to attract the wasps and keep them under control.

Identifying Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps are very easy to tell apart once you know what each looks like. Bees tend to have a fuzzy looking exterior designed to capture pollen for spreading from flower to flower. Some varieties of bees sting and others don’t. Wasps, on the other hand, tend to be black and yellow striped with a harder looking exterior. The two images at the top of this section show the differences. The fuzzy one on the purple flower is a bee while the non-fuzzy one on the wood is a wasp. 


When do bees and wasps become a problem?

That is for you to decide. Some people don’t want any in their yard while others may be fine with bees because they have a garden, but don’t want wasps. They really only become a problem when you have them nesting in your walls, in your overhangs, or you’re finding them flying around your yard constantly. 

When they’re in your yard, this can be a problem for kids and pets which are likely to accidentally disturb nests and get stung. Our best advice is to hang traps around your yard which should take care of most of the wasps but if you have nests, call a professional since dealing with these can be very risky. 


Honey Bees & The Environment

Honey bees are critical to our environment and you never want to kill them. In fact, if all of the bees were to die, all humanity would also die. That’s how dependent we are on these magical creatures. 

We never kill bees for any reason. If there is a large nest at your home, we box the nest and relocate it to a different environment where the bees will live and flourish. 


Why Choose Us? 

Trying to remove these creatures on your own is likely to end with you being stung and it costs you valuable time you could be spending with family and friends. It’s smarter to hire a pro that can come by and handle everything for you. We’ll identify the problem, where they’re nesting, exterminate the wasps, and help you prevent future problems. 

At Official Pest Prevention, we only hire the best staff who share our values. We preserve bees and exterminate wasps and all of our staff know the difference. We guarantee your satisfaction, always perform high-quality work, and get the job done right the first time. 

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