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Controlling Silverfish

While silverfish aren’t poisonous and they don’t bite humans, they can really hit us where it hurts. Silverfish are attracted to old paper and glue products and antique materials. This means they’ll devour your most prized family photos, antique rugs, and your collection of classic books you’ve worked so hard on.

In addition to paper products, you can also find these pests in and around your food. They like coffee grounds and sugar. When they’re finished, they leave behind tiny feces that can raise histamine levels in your home and trigger allergies.

At the end of the day, you don’t want silverfish in or around your house. If you notice them outside, chances are they’re also inside or at least searching for a way to get inside. 

If you’re finding silverfish around your home or noticing small little fecal matter that resembles pepper, you should have a professional perform an inspection of your home. For a free quote or to schedule an inspection, give us a call.

Exterminating Silverfish

Official Pest can perform a full inspection and extermination of your home or office. To begin, your pest control technician will perform an inspection of your home. This means they’ll look in the basement, attic, and around the home for silverfish nests and signs they’ve been there. From there, they create a custom treatment plan which may include indoor and outdoor treatments such as invisible barriers around the home to prevent re-entry. If you want to keep your home permanently pest-free, then let your technician know and he/she will create a customized service plan for you based on your home and what they found during the inspection. We have multiple service intervals and very affordable general pest management plans to protect your home from all the general pests.

At Official Pest, our technicians are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of all pests in the Central Valley. They’re certified, licensed, and insured to handle any pest problem that comes their way. We take our commitment to you very seriously so we always perform thorough work, we’re courteous to your schedule, and we work to make sure to eliminate the problem for you every time. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or service.  

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