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Sharing your home with bugs can be a real problem. Our professional pest control in Riverbank can help! Give us a call now for an instant quote and fast service. 

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We get a professional on the phone and then out to your property within 24 hours in almost all cases. 

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Locally Owned

Our team is from the area and we know it like the back of our hands.

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We provide pest control at an affordable price so you can live pest-free without breaking the bank.

Five-star pest control service. We take care of your pest control needs the first time and guarantee our service. Give us a call now for free quotes and discounts.

Riverbank Pest Control

Nobody wants pests in their home or office. They can carry diseases, some bite, others can inflict damage on your property. That’s why when you partner with us for your Riverbank pest control, we exterminate all of the pests and help keep your home safe. When you work with us, we protect your home against: 

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Wasps 
  • Cockroaches
  • And more!

Our Proven Pest Control System

The last thing you want is a pest company dousing your home in pesticides. We take a comprehensive and planned approach to pest control in Riverside. Our technicians know what they’re doing and each is dedicated to providing you with the best pest control in Riverbank. Our simple approach is very easy for homeowners to handle: 

    • Inspection: We perform the initial inspection to determine what pests are present, how they’re getting in, and what’s keeping them at your house. 
    • Extermination: Then we perform the full extermination to treat the pest problem and eliminate all of the critters from your home. 
    • Maintenance: We design a custom treatment plan that’s both thorough and affordable so that you never have a pest problem again.

    We Put Our Customers First – Save More When You Sign Up For Yearly Service

    To keep things affordable for Riverbank homeowners, we offer discounts when you sign up for our regular treatment plans. We offer one-time services as well but with regular treatment, you never have to worry about pests coming back and you save a bundle. 

    With a local pest control company, you get staff that knows the area and the pests like the back of their hand. You also get trained and licensed pest technicians that can be there fast and as often as needed to ensure the infestation is 100% exterminated. We believe that pest control should be affordable for everyone and you shouldn’t have to choose between paying your bills and living in a pest-free home. Call us now to get a free quote and schedule service. 

    Termite Treatment in Riverbank

    Termites cause serious damage to the structure of your home and repairing termite damage costs billions of dollars each year. But you don’t have to live with termites for any longer. Our termite treatments eliminate the termite infestation quickly and put protection in place to keep the termites out. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your home’s protected and you don’t have to worry about expensive repair bills. 

    How to detect if you have termites

    Termites have the ability to live within your home for several years before showing any signs so it’s important to get an inspection right away if you are seeing signs. Some of the most common signs of termites include: 

    • Discarded wings
    • Spotting flying insects that look similar to flying ants
    • Mud tubes 
    • Hollow sounding wood
    • Wooden door and window swelling
    • Peeling paint

    If you see any of these signs around your house, give us a call for a termite inspection today. 

    Bed Bug Extermination in Riverbank

    Bed bugs are extremely resilient critters that are nearly impossible to treat without professional help. Their eggs are impervious to almost every over the counter pesticide and they’re resistant to very high and low temperatures. Fortunately, our bed bug pest control treatments are both safe and effective. You can pick up bed bugs anywhere, whether it’s on an airplane, train, or walking through a park. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with them anymore. Give us a call for a quote and to schedule an inspection.

    About Our Bed Bug Treatments

    We perform a free inspection for you, offer encasements for mattresses, box springs, and pillows, and create a targeted approach to treating the bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can quickly spread throughout your home and if not treated properly, they’ll continue to hatch eggs and you’ll be stuck in a never-ending bed bug cycle. Let us perform a thorough inspection and treatment for you today. 

    Rodent Control in Riverbank

    Rodents are one disturbing pest to have around the house. They form nests on your roof, in attics, basements, and reproduce quickly. They also have a nasty habit of chewing through wires within walls and creating major fire hazards. And as if that wasn’t enough, they leave droppings everywhere, spread diseases, and often infest pantries and other areas where our food is stored. If you have a rodent problem, we can help you with rodent control in Riverbank California. 

    Keep rodents out permanently

    Often we service homes after the owners have tried to treat the rodent infestations on their own. Save yourself the time, money, and headaches by calling an affordable exterminator now. Treating rats and mice requires more than just a few traps. You need to know where the rodents are nesting, how they travel, and place the traps strategically. You also need to locate the entry points and make sure to seal those up. The last thing you want is a dead rodent in your walls. It will stink up your house for months or require cutting into walls or ducts to find and remove it. Either way, that’s not something you want. We’ll treat the problem for you the right way and ensure the rodent infestation doesn’t return.

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    Our Goal

    We pride ourselves on providing complete & comprehensive pest control services. We are always affordable, have the best staff, and always do the job right the first time. We service homes and businesses throughout Stanislaus County so if you need pest control in Modesto, don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote.



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