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Pest Management in Ceres

Every homeowner knows how challenging owning a property can be, from general maintenance to paying bills and keeping it in a pristine condition to protect your investment.

For many of us, choosing a house often means it will be our home for the rest of our lives — a piece of paradise or a little sanctuary where we can settle down and start a family.

It’s certainly no place for insects to grow and fester. But getting pests in our home is something we have no control over and can be painstakingly difficult to get rid of once they have made your home their own. The best solution is to invest in a trusted pest control provider to protect the value of your property.

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About Ceres California

Ceres is a sunny city located in the San Joaquin Valley and Stanislaus County, California and is part of the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area. Named after Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, it is known for its colorful events all year round. The city plays host to the Ceres Street Faire during the first weekend every May, then during summer, the festivities continue with Concert in the Park. Next, the Halloween Fun Festival marks the Fall followed by the popular and much-attended, Christmas Tree Lane opening ceremony. 

Its population went up from 34,609 in the year 2000, to its current estimate of 48,697. In 1867, its first non-native inhabitants arrived, which were families including those of Cassius Warner, John Service, and Daniel Whitmore. The Bronco Wine Company also calls Ceres it’s home, where they make Charles Shaw wine, more commonly known as “Two-Buck Chuck.” In addition, the City of Ceres has eleven parks for public use, with the largest being the Ceres River Bluff Regional Park. 

With the booming population and agricultural land surrounding us come pests. Ceres has many pests that proliferate year-round requiring pest control to keep them managed. Below are some of the most popular ones.


Argentine ants are an invasive species native to Northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Southern Brazil. They are 1.6 – 2.8 millimeters in length and can easily crawl through cracks and holes as small as 1 millimeter. These ants usually build homes in the ground and in spaces between boards and timbers. They seldom attack or compete with each other, which contributes to their success and are known to invade homes in huge numbers and are quite a nuisance especially when they get their hands on food resources. 

Even so, Argentine ants aren’t considered to be dangerous because they don’t bite, sting, or transmit any known diseases infectious to humans. Due to their nesting behavior and numerous queens within each colony, DIY pest control is ineffective against Argentine ants and is impractical to spray them with pesticides or use boiling water in ant mounds. The only option when combating Argentine ants is to call professional pest control as they are extremely hard to get rid of.


Bees are the majestic producers of honey, so without them, the world would be a little less sweet. They are important agents for the pollination of a vast number of different flowers, some of which aren’t pollinated by another insect. However, some species, such as the carpenter bee can burrow holes into deck railings, fences and other wooden parts of the home. Such damage can depreciate the value of your property, as well as pose a threat to your whole family. Furthermore, female bees build their nests through those holes and will become highly aggressive if they are disturbed. Therefore, it only makes sense to get help from pest control professionals, where they can use the appropriate treatments to rid your home of carpenter bees without causing these beneficial insects harm. 


Wasps are an even bigger threat, as they tend to build their nests all around your home, on porches, exposed walls and under overhangs. These insects are easily agitated and are extremely aggressive when they feel threatened; they will sting repeatedly, causing potentially life-threatening problems to those who are allergic to their stings. It is best not to remove nests on your own — wasps can attack without warning. Even if you manage to remove their nest, they can come back and rebuild it within a few hours. Our professional technicians can perform inspections to find their nests, remove the nests, and put measures in place to prevent them from re-nesting in your home.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide in carpets, mattresses, clothing, blankets, under rags, underneath wallpaper and more. They are active at night where they bite the exposed skin of a human sleeping on an infested bed, leaving itchy red dots and then go to sleep during the day. The infestation can survive even without food, enabling them to travel from one location to another until they find a food source. You can get bed bugs from anywhere — local parks, at hotels, and more.  Their eggs can latch onto your clothing during a train, bus or plane ride. They spread fast, can withstand extremely high and low temperatures, and are highly resistant to any kind of pest control chemicals you would find at your local hardware store. Due to these factors, it is impossible for you to get rid of termites on your own, and professional assistance is the key. 


Termites are known to destroy everything in their path, most of the time without any warning or signs that they are hiding in our homes or lawns. No matter your house’s structure, termites will invade and turn it into their personal food source. Their mouths are so efficient at tearing away at the wood that they cause billions in damage every year and can go undetected until it has caused irreversible harm to your home. They’re found to feast on house foundations, household furniture, infesting wall space and even textbooks. These are formidable foes, so make sure you have the right partner in saving your home from these gluttonous insects. Don’t let termites destroy your property, protect your investment and call a professional termite service — our services are guaranteed and highly effective.

Professional Pest Control in Ceres

Whether you’ve tried all the DIY pest control tutorials on the web or have tried other pest companies, give us a call. Not only are we an affordable choice, but we guarantee our service and take pride in our work. Our staff are highly trained, insured, licensed professionals that take the time to educate you on the whole process. 

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