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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our approach to pest management is an integrated type. Essentially what this means is that we seek to solve your past problems while minimizing damage to both you, and the environment. Below we explain what integrated pest management is and what to expect.

What is IPM?

Integrated pest management is a strategy that focuses on a long-term approach to removing and preventing pests through a variety of techniques. Pesticides are only used for removing target organisms that have been identified as a problem. The chemicals are also applied in a way that is designed to reduce risk to humans, pets, and the environment.

How does it work?

With integrated pest management, we take actions to prevent pests from becoming problems. These may include repairing caulking, sealing up cracks, replacing screens, and taking other measures to prevent insects and rodents from entering your home.

This approach helps to reduce your need for pest control as well as reduce the number of chemicals introduced into the environment.

Below are the primary factors involved with integrated pest management.


Biological control involves the process of planting competitor plants, parasites and predators which are known to kill and control harmful pests. We don’t plant plants for you but we can point you on the right direction.


Cultural control mechanisms involve establishing practices that minimize pests ability to form a home on your property. This may include proper trash removal, reducing watering practices, and a variety of other fundamentals which reduce pest habitats. Your pest control technician will advise you on the proper methods.


Mechanical, otherwise known as physical controls, are means that target the pest directly. For example, a rat trap designed to make the environment inhospitable for rodents is a mechanical control.


Chemical control is where we use pesticides to exterminate and remove the problem directly. Our approach is to use the minimum effective dose to remove the problem. A common issue with pest control is over-spraying and over-saturating the environment. This leads to risks for both humans and pets. The overspray also leaches into the ground and eventually makes its way into our water supply. At Official Pest Prevention, we use only what is needed to kill the problem pests while preserving beneficial insects and plants. We also offer green pest control solutions which are better for the environment and safer for children and pets. If you want green Modesto pest control, give us a call today!

Steps for Integrated Pest Management:

  1. We identify the pest that’s causing problems
  2. Figure out the number of pests and damage being caused
  3. Provide guidance
  4. Use the above steps to exterminate pests
  5. Put long term strategies in place

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