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Flea Extermination in Modesto, Ca

Have you noticed your pets scratching more or maybe you’re getting bites around your ankles? Then you may have a flea problem in your backyard or in the house. Fortunately, we help with lawn treatments as well as exterminating fleas from your home. 

Official Pest offers comprehensive flea treatments where we’ll remove all signs of fleas from your home and yard.

We perform a complete inspection where we locate the source of the problem, how severe the infestation is, and perform a full extermination to kill all of the fleas and their eggs. 

To schedule an inspection or get a free quote over the phone now, give us a call or fill out the form to have one of our representatives call you back right away. 

How do you get fleas?

The most common way to get fleas is from your pets. Anyone who has a pet that goes outside is vulnerable to getting fleas in their home. You can also get fleas in your yard from stray cats, rats, and mice that make their way into your yard. Once they’re on your pets, they can easily get into your home and begin infesting your house. They’re hard to prevent without keeping your pets on flea medications and regular lawn treatments. Once they’re in your home, you are going to have to get the house treated to be sure all fleas and their eggs have been removed.  

How serious is a flea problem?

Fleas can transmit a number of diseases including typhus, the plague, and cat scratch disease to name a few. Your pets are the most at risk for flea infestations but once they’re in your home, they can quickly spread and begin biting the people in your home as well. Their bites are red and itchy and can cause allergic reactions for some people.

Dealing with a flea infestation can be very hard to deal with. It requires treating infected pets, treating areas that have been infested by fleas, and putting preventative measures in place to prevent the fleas from coming back. 

How to get rid of fleas

The immature stages of fleas such as the eggs can be very hard to remove. If you know you have fleas in your home, the first thing you should do is call us. We send a technician to perform a full inspection and identify how severe the infestation is and where the fleas are nesting.

After the inspection, they will perform an extermination and help with a pest management plan. The management plan includes: 

  • Contacting your vet to get your pets treated. 
  • Regular cleaning and washing of your pets. 
  • Chemicals – using specific chemicals that interfere with the growth of immature fleas into mature fleas. 
  • Vacuum – regular vacuuming to pick up fleas and their eggs. 
  • Washing your bedding on a regular basis.
  • Products – using proper flea control products on affected areas. 
  • Follow up inspection to ensure the problem is fully handled. 

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