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When it comes to pests in Modesto, we have a lot of em’. We have beautiful weather for pests to thrive in. In the summer, its wasps, bees, spiders, fleas, and the general summer pests. In the winter, we have influxes of mice and rats trying to make homes in our attics and basements. These are just a few of the most common Modesto pests.

Whether you have a pest problem now or you’re concerned that you may get one, here are the most common pest problems we see in Modesto and the Central Valley as a whole.

  1. Spiders: We see tons of black widows, wolf spiders, and general house spiders creating cobwebs around homes. When it comes to black widows, these are widely considered to be one of the most deadly spiders. They’re not something you should attempt treating on your own and if you notice any, you should seek professional help right away. Wolf spiders and house spiders are generally harmless but they’re still not fun to find around your home.
  2. Fleas: In the summer, it’s common to find fleas in yards and on pets. There are many stray animals roaming the area which can wander through your yard and drop fleas. These same fleas can be picked up by your pets and transported into your home. If you’ve noticed your pets scratching more, have them checked for fleas. If they have fleas, get them treated right away to prevent infestations. If you already have fleas in your home, have a pro perform an extermination. Fleas can be very difficult to treat so doing it on your own is usually unsuccessful.
  3. Ants: Whether its fire ants in your yard or sugar ants on your counters, these pests can be a pain. Fire ants are especially problematic when they form nests in your lawn since children often stumble into them and experience painful bites.
  4. Bed Bugs: These are more common than you might think. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to treat since they’re very resistant to both high and low temperatures as well as almost every over the counter treatment option. If you have bed bugs, don’t waste time treating them on your own. The infestation will only get worse so you should have a pro treat them ASAP to prevent further spreading.
  5. Rodents: These pests are especially common in the winter months when it’s cold. They like to climb up your walls and work their way into attics, on your roof, and into basements if possible. Rodents can carry fleas as well which can be infected with serious diseases. They also flock to human food sources which can result in major contamination. If you have rodents, get them taken care of right away.
  6. Cockroaches: These pests aren’t as harmful as they seem necessary. They don’t bite you and don’t inherently carry diseases. They do, however, spread bacteria that can cling to their bodies as they crawl through sewers. They’re very common and if you only have a few, you may be able to treat them with traps and other baits.
  7. Wasps: Wasps are common in summer months and tend to build nests in overhangs and garages. They like to hover low on the lawn which can be a hazard to playing children or anyone working on the lawn. There are many effective traps sold over the counter but if you’re unsure or you have a nest that you want to be removed, its best to have a pro handle it for you.
  8. Termites: These pests are especially expensive. They crawl into your home or building and eat away at any wood they can feed on. They can remain hidden for two years before exhibiting any external signs such as droppings and mud tubes. If you are noticing any signs at all, get an inspection performed immediately.
  9. Mosquitoes: They like to come around after rainy season in warmer months when there’s standing water for them to breed in. Often times these pests ruin backyard barbeques but are easy to get rid of with a professional lawn treatment.

If you’re suffering from a pest problem of any type – whether its one of the above or another, feel free to call us for a free quote.