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Bed Bug Extermination in Modesto, Ca

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. In fact, they can be almost impossible to treat without professional pest control solutions and a professional team handling the problem. However, these are a pest that we deal with on a regular basis and our team is extremely knowledgeable on eliminating them with speed.

The problem with removing bed bugs is that they have very resilient eggs that are resistant to many pesticides as well as high and low temperatures. In addition to this durability, bed bugs can lay eggs throughout your home – in light sockets, on walls, underneath all types of furniture, and more. Nothing is off limits.   

With that, it does require a professional to remove the problem and do it properly. We can handle this for you though. Give us a call for a quote now. 

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Many people think bed bugs are a sign of a dirty environment. However, you can get bed bugs in an infinite number of ways. They can be picked up on plane seats, they can hitch on your backpack from a bench, they can get on your shoes when walking through a park, etc.

Once you have them though, they’re very hard to get rid of and need to be dealt with ASAP to prevent further infestation.

Preventing Bed Bugs

Preventing bed bugs is very hard because you generally won’t know you have them until they’re already a problem. The best thing to do is to get your room treated as soon as they’re found. If left untreated, they will continue to expand into the rest of your home, other rooms, couches, etc. making treatment much more time consuming and expensive.

The best steps you can take to prevent bed bugs include:

  • Checking second-hand furniture for signs of bed bugs. Never bring it into your home if you notice any signs.
  • Wrap mattresses and box springs with protective bed bug coverings to prevent hiding spots.
  • Keep your home clean from clutter.
  • Vacuum regularly.
  • Be cautious when using shared laundry facilities.

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